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Some friends and cool places.

Bobby Brennan Musician & friend. Wired Hi-tech news.
Saffron Graphics Icons, deskpics, more. Gizmodo The gadgets weblog.
Michael's Mac Michael Coyle's GUI site. (Formerly owner & operator of Resexcellence. Etherbrian Great icons, graphics and homemade fonts.
Neil Zaza Kick-ass instrumental guitarist ( and a client too). MacDesktops Desktop pictures archive, updated often.
Howard Sayles Tons of Apple oriented desktop pictures. A master of textures (esp. recent work). MacSurfer Links to Mac news around the web.
Mendocino Massage My brother's site. IconFactory Icons for Mac & Windows.
PowerChild Creative design by Mike Powers. Virtual Plastic Well thought-out and thorough Win customization site.
Paul Kuehn Cool graphics. A Flash-enhanced site.

Gort's Icons A great icon artist and the funniest thing since exploding squid in cayenne juice.

MacFriendly Searchable database of products, services, software, websites, newsletters, tools, marketing, promotion, business ideas, training, etc. that welcome Mac users. GoDaddy Low cost domain registration, excellent customer service.
Howie Stuff My friend Deb's pencil drawings and wood burnings. ResExcellence Mac interface stuff, currently in the throes of rebirth or something.
The Sneeze Half zine, half blog, half not good with fractions.  

BlueSkyHeart.com is hosted by Lunarpages. I did a ton of research when I was looking for a new host, and there was so much positive feedback on Lunarpages, I signed up. I've been with them for over four years.

If you click on the banner to the right, I might make a few bucks if you decide to sign up, but that's just an amazing coincidence.

Grab that image to the left, upload it to your server and slap it on your website with a link to http://www.blueskyheart.com/
Chicks dig it.


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